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Android Contacts Import

This page is devoted to Android Contacts Import product, which addresses the issue of Android inability to import contacts.
UPDATE: Starting with Android 2.0 the Contacts API has changed and a built-in functionality to import/export contacts has appeared. The information and application provided here is applicable to pre 2.0 Android only.

The Scenario

Your super-duper Android phone comes not capable of importing contacts from any source other than Gmail. For some reason you don't want to keep your contacts in Gmail.

The Problem

At time of writing (Dec 2008) the only Android phone on the market -- T-Mobile G1 -- provides a very limited list of capabilities. It lacks the most demanded smartphone capabilities such as VOIP, GPS navigation with no Internet access, contacts synchronization. As of Oct 2009 you can't even manage contact groups on Android phone.
This situation is hoped to be resolved in future by Android community.

The Solution

Import Contacts application is created to import vcard files from the phone's SD card. Vcard is a de jure standard for contacts interexchange and is supported by most address book applications (since recently Gmail is able to import from Vcard too). To import your address book into Android phone you export all your contacts to Vcard file, save it to G1 SD card, and use the Import Contacts application.


Currently just names, phones and emails are imported. More features will be added if demand for them is exhibited.
It is also of selecting a contact group to import contacts to, as demanded by Hero users.


Please note: this software is provided 'as-is' and DuSystems is not responsible for any damage it may cause.
Please back-up your data before using Import Contacts!
Please direct your comments to bornmw (a_t)

Binary: ImportContacts-0.0.4.apk

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